IDIS Data Center Solution

a.)           DATA CENTRE:

Data centers are secure, intelligent, flexible and scalable IP platforms that enable communications, security and building networks to interoperate seamlessly. A reliable, high-end cabling solution is essential to ensure continuous uptime and performance of a data center.We specialize in planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring and maintaining data centers, computer rooms and server rooms that integrate, 'best-of-breed', critical infrastructure technologies.  The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable, and maintainable data center environment.

IDIS has 2 data centers across Kingdom, which covers Jeddah & Riyadh Regions.


IDIS-Data Center Services
Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Redundant power feeds with UPS power.
  • N+1 Power Wave UPS system.
  • Multiple sources of power supply.



Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression is achieved with eco-friendly, zero-residue, and uses highly effective FM200 gas, which fills the sealed Data Center to extinguish any fire quickly without the use of water or any damage to equipment’s.

The Data Center is also equipped with an early-detection alarm system which is monitored within the office. The Data Center has detectors installed both above and below the raised flooring.



At IDIS Data Center Services, each server is equipped with multiple hard-disk backups with an automatic backup taken every week. In the event of a disk failure, all backups can be immediately reloaded onto a spare disk to get your website back online with minimal downtime.

In the event of any hardware failure, we have more than sufficient capacity to spread our website backups across different servers to minimize your downtime while we either repair or replace a faulty server.


IDIS-Data Center Specifications:

• In sq. ft. Datacenter Floor. • KVA On-Site Substation.
• Cisco Powered Network. • BGP4 Routing Protocol For Shortest Available Path.
• N+1 UPS System. • N+1 Precision Air Conditioning Systems.
• 22°C ± 2°C Data Floor Temperature.
• 25 Amp Feed per Equipment Rack with N+1 Redundancy.
• Raised Heavy Duty Flooring.
• Multiple Fiber Duct Points into the Building.
• Aspirating Smoke Detector.

• Fire Suppression with Eco-Friendly Highly Effective FM200 Gas or NOVEC Suppression System.
• Cummins 250 kVA And 500 kVA Generators Connected via ATS Systems.
• CCTV Camera Monitoring With Minimum 15 Days Archival Record System...
• Multiple Internet Connections from Different Backbone Providers to Provide 100% Uptime.
• IR Vision Cameras.
• 24 x 7 Six Layer Secure Entry Via Swipe Card System And Bio-Metric Access Control